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ENT will participate in the H2020 SCORE project on smart control of the climate resilience in European coastal cities
| News| 16/04/2021

Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities (SCORE) is a four year HORIZON 2020 research project to increase climate resilience in European coastal cities led by IT Sligo. ENT will coordinate the work Package “Socio-economic considerations and adaptations” and the Coastal City Living Lab of the Province of Barcelona.

The SCORE project aims to design, develop, monitor and validate robust adaptation measures in coastal and low-lying areas to protect them from increasing climate and sea level risks, including coastal flooding and erosion, to enhance their overall long-term resilience.

SCORE outlines a co-creation strategy, developed via a network of 10 coastal city ‘living labs’ (CCLLs), to rapidly, equitably and sustainably enhance coastal city climate resilience through Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBAs) and sophisticated digital technologies. SCORE will establish an integrated coastal zone management framework for strengthening EBA and smart coastal city policies, creating European leadership in coastal city climate change adaptation in line with The Paris Agreement.

The SCORE interdisciplinary team consists of 28 world-leading organisations from academia, local authorities, RPOs, and SMEs encompassing a wide range of skills including environmental science and policy, climate modelling, citizen and social science, data management, coastal management and engineering, security and technological aspects of smart sensing research.

ENT will lead WP7 – Socio-economic considerations and adaptations. This work package focuses on the estimation of the socio-economic value of potential and applied ecosystem-based interventions along with hybrid and traditional engineering approaches to facilitate the decision-making processes and prioritize interventions. The assessment will include the assessment of the costs and benefits of each intervention, as well as ecosystem services and benefits. Moreover, ENT will coordinate the Coastal City Living Lab (CCLL) of the Province of Barcelona with the support of the City Council (Ajuntament) of Vilanova i la Geltrú and the Government of the Province of Barcelona (Diputació de Barcelona).