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Environmental innovation that serves society

The consumption of energy shows that we have reached the limits of growth, not only for the availability of resources but for the impacts generated (climate change, nuclear reactor accidents, geopolitical conflicts, etc.). Public policies in the European Union are oriented to an improvement in energy efficiency and savings, with an increased use of renewable energies. Establishing ambitious targets, not only helps preventing the impacts from the current energy model, but also serves as a real strategy to favour economic development and competitiveness.

From ENT we offer our services to the public administrations, as well as other public and private organisations that contribute to the attainment of a sustainable energy model. Our main services are:

  • Realisation of studies for the definition of policies or plans in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Elaboration of plans for the implementation of energy policies with the objectives of savings and harnessing of renewable energies.

For all the services and as a fundamental strategy of our conception, we assume that in the first place the effort must be focused on savings, followed by efficiency and finally by obtaining energy from renewable sources.

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