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The article on the impact of jellyfish on tourism, which has participated Sergio Sastre (ENT), in the media
| News| 26/05/2015

Jellyfish blooms raise worry among coastal managers since they affect beach users and tourists. It has triggered a debate on the most appropriate management measures for these phenomena. In this work, in which Sergio Sastre participated, the impact of jellyfish blooms on tourists in Catalonia is estimated for an scenario where blooms would significantly increase. Results show that the presence of jellyfish has a significant but limited impact on the choices of beach users, being water quality the most important variable. Information systems on the presence of jellyfish such as Medjelly ( therefore become an effective management option.

Loureiro, M., Nunes, P., Piñol, L., Sastre, S., Voltaire, L., Canepa, A. 2015. Analyzing Beach Recreationists’ Preferences for the  Reduction of Jellyfish Blooms: Economic Results from a Stated-Choice Experiment in Catalonia, Spain. PLOS ONE