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A good energy plan must allow for the reaching of the energy policies that wish to be implemented. The energy plans that we elaborate consist mainly of the following phases:

  • Diagnosis: Inventory and analysis of the current situation as a starting point. We study aspects directly related to energy, but also others that can have an impact, such as organisational structure, regulatory and economic aspects.
  • Action Plan: The plan must tie in all the best actions possible to reach the objectives. To select the best actions we analyse the energy and environmental parameters (energy savings, emission reductions, and environmental impacts), economic and social parameters (operation cost, amortization period, social acceptance, etc.).
  • Follow up and evaluation: The plan must establish mechanisms for the follow up and evaluation that allow to observe the development of the Plan and detect, if any have appeared, deviations with respect to that which was forecast, either for internal or external factors, as could be regulatory or economic aspects (price changes of technology, energy tariffs, etc.), or others.

In the area of planning ENT has done different plans in Catalan municipalities, as well as has provided technical assistance for the realisation of the European project “RES PUBLICA”, for Diputació de Barcelona (Local Authority for the Barcelona Province).

If you are looking for information on any of the municipal projects specifically send us a mail to

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