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Special online edition of project H2020 DECISIVE General Assembly
| News| 29/07/2020

On 15 July ENT participated in a special edition of the General Assembly of the DECISIVE project that took place on-line, due to the Covid-19 emergency. The main advances and results achieved so far for each work packages have been shared among DECISIVE consortium partners. Upcoming work to be developed by the end of the project has been discussed and planned. A special session has been dedicated to the impact of COVID-19 on the project’s activities and deliverables and to the way to bring DECISIVE to a successful end.  An update about the status and the foreseen evolution of the demonstration sites (Lyon and Dolina) implementation was presented. Progresses achieved and challenges encountered in gathering data for building waste processes libraries to introduce in the developed Decision Support have been analysed. Those libraries will be used to carry out the virtual simulation of DECISIVE technologies in different locations and to compare baseline and alternative scenarios of biowaste management systems.

The DECISIVE project promotes the valorisation of biowaste in a short and circular cycle by developing and demonstrating eco-innovative solutions that can incentivise and support the increase in the recycling and recovery of energy, nutrients, and bioresources contained in the organic fraction of waste while reducing external costs.