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Environmental innovation that serves society

This area focuses on the relationship between the socio-economic system and the environment. The main projects in this area consist of the analysis, planning, design, implementation and ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of environmental economic policies, from a triple economic, environmental and legal perspective. ENT makes use of methods and techniques coming from ecological economics, environmental economics and public economics. One of the main areas of expertise is environmental taxation and, in general, economic instruments of environmental policy, in which we have worked from local level (for example projects of “greening” fiscal ordinances or waste charges) to regional, national and international levels.

ENT has experience in the use of methods of applied economics, as well as statistics and quantitative methods, econometric modelling, economic impact assessment, input-output analysis, computable general equilibrium modelling, environmental valuation, evaluation of public and private projects, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, amongst others methods.

The unsustainable dependence of Spanish Local Treasuries on taxes and charges related to construction activities
| Publications| Ignasi Puig Ventosa

Until 2007, Spain experienced for a few years an exponential development of new urban areas. The article delves into the causes of this development, and specifically on the dependence of…

Analyzing Beach Recreationists’ Preferences for the Reduction of Jellyfish Blooms: Economic Results from a Stated-Choice Experiment in Catalonia, Spain
| Publications| Sergio Sastre Sanz

Jellyfish outbreaks and their consequences appear to be on the increase around the world, and are becoming particularly relevant in the Mediterranean. No previous studies have quantified…

Climate change adaptation in urban coastal areas with high population density and touristic and cultural relevance in Spain
| Projects

Fundación Biodiversidad selected a project proposed by Fundació ENT in the context of the 2015 call for projects in the fields of terrestrial, marine and coastal biodiversity, climate…

The Remarkable Environmental Rebound Effect of Electric Cars: A Microeconomic Approach
| | Publications| Jaume Freire González

This article presents a stepwise, refined, and practical analytical framework to model the microeconomic environmental rebound effect (ERE) stemming from cost differences of electric cars…

Greening of fiscal ordinances
| Projects

One of the main areas of ENT experience is environmental taxation. Although in this area municipalities have a limited capacity compared to other levels of government, there are several…

Payment for Ecosystems Services in Catalonia, Spain. A review of experience and potential applications
| Publications| Ignasi Puig Ventosa

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) are an innovative environmental policy instrument that aims to reward natural resource managers in return for maintaining or improving the provision of…

Guide for the Implementation of Pay-As-You-Throw Systems for Municipal Waste
| | Publications| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Maria Calaf Forn| Maria Mestre Montserrat

Municipal waste management is one of the key areas of municipal environmental policy and is also the item on which town councils spend most resources. Therefore, a wide range of tools…

Linking Biodiversity to National Economic and Social Priorities in the EU Member States
| Projects

ENT is a member of a study consortium led by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in conjunction with the ICF International, Ecologic Institute, and Denkstatt, and funded…

Developments and opportunities for an ecological tax reform in Spain
| | Publications| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Maria Calaf Forn| Marta Jofra Sora

Spain is facing serious economic challenges. The public debt in 2013 reached 92.10 per cent of GDP and the unemployment rate in December 2013 was at 25.8 per cent. In this context, there is…

Reports for the introduction of “Pay as You Throw” schemes
| | Projects

ENT Environment and Management has prepared, since 2006, a number of studies in several Catalan municipalities to implement waste charges based on “pay as you throw” schemes, through…