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Available the article by Jaume Freire (ENT) on the economic impact of droughts on Water Economics and Policy journal
| | News| 15/09/2017

The article, titled “A scenario-based framework for assessing the economic potential of droughts impavyes” is authored by Jaume Freire (ENT), Christopher Decker and Jim Hall. It’s available in the Water Economics and Policy website. 

Estimating the potential economic impacts of drought is increasingly prominent in policy discussions on resilience to future population and climate changes. We developed a scenario-based analytical framework for estimating the economic impacts of droughts in a range of assumed climate and policy conditions. The scenarios modelled take account of different assumptions regarding a drought event, including: the source of the drought (green or blue water), temporality, and critically, long-term and short-term policy-making choices. Applying the framework to the UK economy we estimate that, depending on the severity of the drought event and short-term policy choices, the impacts could range from 0.35% to 4.3% of total output in terms of total production. Different long-term policy choices could mitigate the impacts for drought events with similar severity and duration.

Link to the article