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MedReAct contribution to the Western Med MAP
| News| 20/09/2016

The European Commission launched a public consultation on the Multiannual plan for the fisheries exploiting demersal stocks in the Western Mediterranean Sea (Western Med MAP).

The fish stocks in the Mediterranean are in a critical situation and some are on the verge of collapse. Regarding demersal species in the Western Mediterranean Sea, the most recent assessments show that 93% of fish stocks are overfished, with a particularly critical situation for hake and red mullet. It is urgent to reverse decades of overfishing and poor management.

According to the European Commission, the aim of the consultation launched (from 30.05.2016 to 30.09.2016) is to contribute to delivering directly on the achievement of the Common Fisheries Policy, in particular the long term sustainability of the stocks and the implementation of an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management.

MedReAct network (ENT Foundation is part of it) welcomes this public consultation and the opportunity to provide our views and recommendations to improve the state of demersal fish stocks and of marine ecosystems critical to their recovery.

  • More information on the public consultation available here.
  • The latest review of the State of Fish stocks in the Mediterranean here.
MedReAct contribution