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General Assembly of the H2020 DECISIVE project in Lyon
| News| 25/10/2019

On 12-15 November ENT will participate in the General Assembly of the DECISIVE project that will take place in Lyon. Scheduled meetings will be dedicated to the DECISIVE consortium partners to share the advances and the main results of the deliverables already submitted for the various work packages and to discuss the current tasks in more detail. The next steps towards the demonstration sites implementation and virtual simulation of DECISIVE technologies in different locations by using the developed Decision Support Tool will be defined. The 14th November will be dedicated to a Public Event about the Lyon demonstration opened to external participants to present the Project and to discuss the advantages, challenges and perspectives of the implementation of a concept such as DECISIVE.

The DECISIVE project proposes to change the present urban metabolism for organic matter (foods, plants, etc.), energy and biowaste to a more circular economy and to assess the impacts of these changes on the whole waste management cycle. Thus, the challenge will be to shift from an urban “grey box”, implying goods importation mainly and extra-urban waste management, to a cooperative organization of intra- and peri-urban networks enabling circular local and decentralised valorisation of biowaste, through energy and bio-products production.