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Number 48 of “Ecología Política ” on mapping and environmental conflicts
| News| 02/02/2015

Number 48 of the journal “Ecología Política” (Political Ecology) has been published by the ENT Foundation and Icaria, in January 2015. It focuses on the cartography and geography of environmental conflicts, mainly on the results of the EJOLT and ENGOV projects.

In parallel to the publication of this new issue, the contents of number 46 on “Biodiversity” have also been made available to the public, after a period only available to subscribers.

You can subscribe to the magazine here, either to receive it in paper format or to access the content in digital format on the website of “Ecología Política”.

In relation to number 49, expected to be released in July 2015, in the coming weeks we will report on the chosen main subject and will launch the call for articles.