In this section you will find the main publications carried out by members of ENT. As far as possible, publications in open access journals are prioritized, so that the full content is available. If not, please send an email to asking for more information.

Economic instruments for the management of packaging waste in Ecuador
| | Ignasi Puig Ventosa

This paper aims at presenting different possible economic instruments to improve packaging waste management in Ecuador. The paper begins by presenting the current situation of solid waste…

An exploration into municipal waste charges for environmental management at local level: the case of Spain
| | Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Research| Sergio Sastre Sanz

Municipal waste charges (MWCh) have been widely acknowledged as a crucial tool for waste management at the local level. This is because they contribute to financing the costly provision of…

Development of a municipal solid waste management decision support tool for Naples, Italy
| Research| Rosaria Chifari

Naples has experienced serious waste mismanagement during the last several decades. Illegal waste trafficking, the lack of an appropriate municipal solid waste management plan, and the…

Evaluation of Externality Costs in Life-Cycle Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems
| | Verònica Martinez

The development of sustainable solid waste management (SWM) systems requires consideration of both economic and environmental impacts. Societal life-cycle costing (S-LCC) provides a…

La minería de vertedero: nueva estrategia de futuro complementaria al reciclaje de residuos electrónicos en origen
| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Maria Calaf Forn

In Spain there are at least 275 million tons of household wastes deposited in landfills. An estimated 50% of the content is land (with some organic matter strongly degraded), between 20 and…

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