In this section you will find the main publications carried out by members of ENT. As far as possible, publications in open access journals are prioritized, so that the full content is available. If not, please send an email to asking for more information.

Unpacking the objectives and assumptions underpinning European aquaculture
| | Irmak Ertör| Miquel Ortega Cerdà

Increasing demand for seafood and the lack of growth of capture fisheries have boosted aquaculture growth worldwide. However, European aquaculture has been stagnating over the past decade,…

The Barcelona agreement: a manifesto towards the spearfishing of the future
| Lydia Chaparro

The Spearfishing Association of Barcelona (APS) recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and decided to write a manifesto called: “The Barcelona Agreement: A Manifesto Towards the…

‘The unclaimed latifundium’: the configuration of the Spanish fishing sector under Francoist autarky, 1939–1951
| | Miquel Ortega Cerdà| Research

Autarkic ideology and economic policies were central features of the interwar period in Europe. Despite autarky’s connection to geographical concepts such as space, resources and…

Sensitivity of Mediterranean Bivalve Mollusc Aquaculture to Climate Change, Ocean Acidification and Other Environmental Pressures: Findings from a Producers’ Survey
| | Luís Campos Rodrigues| Research

Bivalve mollusc aquaculture (e.g. mussels, oysters, clams) in the Mediterranean Sea is vulnerable to several environmental pressures, including ocean acidification and sea warming as a…

Making the Common Fisheries Policy a reality means ending overfishing
| Lydia Chaparro

Lydia Chaparro (Fundació ENT) has written this article in a special section dedicated to fisheries policy -in which are involved distinguished Members of the Fisheries Committee-,…

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